PHARAOH is a computational pathology platform that allow you to quickly analyze and label histology images and patterns, use them to train custom deep learning models and make them available to the PHARAOH network for communal use.

By streamlining data labeling and model development, we empower expert histologists to have the freedom to develop and deploy advanced AI models without the need for complex collaborations, expensive hardware or coding expertise.

By allowing global experts to contribute their unique data and expertise, we aim to crowdsource and scale context-specific computational pathology solutions to develop a comprehensive encyclopedia of histology-focused computer vision tools for the community at large.

Explore and try running one of the available models today! If you can’t find one that suits your specific needs, you can develop one yourself and share it to help others with similar needs. And of course, help the PHARAOH community grow by encouraging others to join.

For any inquiries, please contact us at pharaohreporting@gmail.com